A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist


Try to fix these broken things

Saturday, 16 Azar 1398، 08:09 PM
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#Start with a quote by Marilyn Monroe :

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

-I really try to be happy at least to look happy, But finally....at night...
+Never mind my friend, ،This is life, All the life and living is about overcome the sad & boring& deadly moments and continuing in your own true path...
Actually the main problem is that
I don't know what I want now
what do I need now, what make me feel better
perhaps sleep can fix this foggy mood...
tomorrow...what will happen?
I don't worry...I just..
I don't know...completely Numb
don't make yourself confused girl
everything is calm and safe
after one month and halft, tonight I install my Instagram again
my inside angel told me: fuck you dear(اون بنده خدام رد داده، خسته‌س)
I think I broke her heart...
I know that it's late and you are sleepy but go and say prayers
and after that start studying...
let your body die of tiredness 
موافقین ۱۲ مخالفین ۰ 98/09/16
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نظرات  (۹)

17 Azar 98 ، 00:55 مهدی ­­­­
It may look like a cliche but sleeping is not the answer. Try this, go to nature (in a park, a mountain, etc. and alone-it's important) sit beside trees and talk to them or talk to the sky. Trees have healing power and cleansing power. They wash off negativity in an hour. Trust them. Also, if you want to boost it, try the Wim Hof breathing technique (which I shared in my blog). It works better beside plants bc there's more oxygen in the air.
..Talking with nature is my habit, whenever I'm in it I talk with trees..flowers...clouds ...even with  ants :))

Wim Hof....nice method...i really appreciate you because of this nice suggestion
I did it in my bed room...And I like to do it once in nature...I'm waiting for an opportunity to do it there

thank you :)
17 Azar 98 ، 13:12 مهر ارسنج

22 Azar 98 ، 10:28 هُـ ــما
گوشش کردم عالی مرسی
قابلی نداش ;)
woo, these are some rly messed up inner thoughts that u are dealing with
I guess what I know for sure is that sleeping won't help
Sometimes in the similar situations that I get confused about what am I rly doing, I start to rediscover who am I and what are my dreams. I just start it from scratch. Then all of a sudden, they will all come back to me & once more I'll get motivated about all the shit I do.
And about "trying to be happy" part of your text, I guess happiness should
come spontaneously from those stuff which satisfies you. Guess It's not rly pleasant to try to earn happiness itself.
Idk maybe that's just a stupid theory or even I misunderstood u in the first place!
"happiness come spontaneously from those stuff which satisfies you "
I really believe in this theory , when you are satisfy of yourself, satisfy of your actions; you are deeply happy even if bad things are occurring 

and this post is for weeks ago
and I could find myself by what you said " rediscover who am I and what are my dreams" .ya
this mood is usually temporary and I found some way to exit from this situation
all of these almost depends on motivation, and having acceptable answers for "why" questions
thank you Sajjad

26 Dey 98 ، 08:51 مُسـافِــــ ـری از دیار بِـــــی کَسِیــ
Great....I missit
20 Esfand 98 ، 11:50 amirhosin (:
قشنگ بود ولی نتونستم بخونم😂
16 Tir 99 ، 15:56 Cloudia Star
I heard one time. That sometimes w get upset cause we expect to be always happy. Its not possible. I think happiness is accepting the dark side of the life and still keep going.
I don't know if its right or wrong, all i want to say is that its ok to he sad sometimes. Don't push yourself to always looks happy. Take it easy and good luck^^
Yes, Definitely right, I deeply agree with this idea

05 Mordad 99 ، 09:26 amirhosin (:
همینی کع شما میگین :| درسته
22 Mordad 99 ، 11:37 Cloudia Star
I wish your blog updated more
:)  3>

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