A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist

We live in an age of Big: Big Computers, Big Data, and Big Lies.

When I cannot get rid of this country and this fucked-up civilization, I'm trying to escape from the news and live in my imaginary world where everybody is planting a plant. Where I'm feeding my pet, while it's spring and green, where I'm going out to fruit picking and at the end of the day, lay down on the grass and watch the sunset behind the mountains and jungle. 

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#Start with a quote by Marilyn Monroe :

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they're right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

-I really try to be happy at least to look happy, But finally....at night...
+Never mind my friend, ،This is life, All the life and living is about overcome the sad & boring& deadly moments and continuing in your own true path...
Actually the main problem is that
I don't know what I want now
what do I need now, what make me feel better
perhaps sleep can fix this foggy mood...
tomorrow...what will happen?
I don't worry...I just..
I don't know...completely Numb
don't make yourself confused girl
everything is calm and safe
after one month and halft, tonight I install my Instagram again
my inside angel told me: fuck you dear(اون بنده خدام رد داده، خسته‌س)
I think I broke her heart...
I know that it's late and you are sleepy but go and say prayers
and after that start studying...
let your body die of tiredness 
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These are the photos that I took (actually because of a photography competition),
The photos of my dear university in autumn :)
The university which revived me
My little universe, My little world, and my howf
With all its problems, with all its happiness and sadness 
I found a new family there, A nice and big and lovely family
It make me feel alive these days... thank God...because of this gift
who can imagine how much I'm grateful these days?
who can Enjoy this life like me?


>The main entrance door of our University 


>In Mehr month

> The big colorful tree

> In Mehr month


>our classes


>The Yard

> our classes in the old building 


> the new: office building

> and the last photo (it was in our university website, I liked it)


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My Desk

hesitating will waste your time, will kill you...


what cause me to delay my works??

Laptop ?

So be careful about using it :

1- Think(deep) about your main aim of using laptop and write it somewhere

2- Don't lose your awareness during using laptop =

    Don't do works what not belong to your plans & your aims . 

3- And define a limit time to use it


You know 

always there is too many problems;

in society, in family or in your own privet life

if you want to delay your important activities because of these 

finally you'll reach "nothing"

so try to ignore and skip these and just focus on your tasks

you should adjust yourself with every situation and never stop your attempt


My attempt to «only speak in English» finally had a result :)

This morning when i was asleep I dreamed in English :)

Have you ever dreamed with English language??

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These days All of us are feeling a real dictator government by our every single cells.

Before this events (price of petrol & disconnected internet ) I had never comprehended our misery this much

I'm a student of university

I'm completely confused and I don't know what should I do

when I can't amend this fucking holy regime

when I can't project my voice 

When our basic requirements ignore and suffocate by governors

When I can't migrate and I can't stay

When every thing is madly expensive even maybe I can't continue my education at Mofid university

let alone to find a job or have a car or bicycle or even graduating and migrating...

There is no hope here

And perhaps they want us to die

Is our only choice death?

I don't want believe this

I don't want this shameful life

I have to do something, If I believe in God.

But I don't know exactly what should I do...what can I do...

I must break this prison...

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I want the wind to carry me,

وزش بادی را میخواهم تا ببرد مرا

far away from here 

جایی دور از اینجا

And as I fly, I’ll take with me,

و زمانی که من پرواز میکنم، خودم را میبرم

moments left behind

و لحظه ها پشت سر می‌مانند

I want the sea to rescue me,

دریایی میخواهم که رهایی دهد مرا

and carry me away

و ببرد به جایی دور

I’ll let the waves wash over me,

اجازه خواهم داد امواج بشویند مرا

and listen for the voices of the tide

و گوش می‌سپارم به صداهای جزر و مد دریا
Seasons they won’t wait for me,

فصل ها منتظر من نخواهند ماند

swiftly they pass by

آنها به سرعت میگذرند

With each new breath, new roads ahead -

با هر دم و بازدم جدیدی ، جاده های جدیدی به پیش رویم می‌آیند

embracing every moment as my guide

در آغوش میگیرم لحظه هارا به عنوان کتاب راهنمایم.


دریافت موزیک
حجم: 2.61 مگابایت

+ Iknow that this translation is full of mistake so I will glad to know my mistakes. :)

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