A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist


My New World :)

Sunday, 10 Azar 1398، 11:16 PM


These are the photos that I took (actually because of a photography competition),
The photos of my dear university in autumn :)
The university which revived me
My little universe, My little world, and my howf
With all its problems, with all its happiness and sadness 
I found a new family there, A nice and big and lovely family
It make me feel alive these days... thank God...because of this gift
who can imagine how much I'm grateful these days?
who can Enjoy this life like me?


>The main entrance door of our University 


>In Mehr month

> The big colorful tree

> In Mehr month


>our classes


>The Yard

> our classes in the old building 


> the new: office building

> and the last photo (it was in our university website, I liked it)


نظرات  (۲)

10 Azar 98 ، 23:22 مهدی ­­­­
خوشگله واقعا، سلیقه عکاس و ادیتورش البته خیلی خوب بوده قطعا ;)
یسسس قطعا :)))
فک کنم اگه دانشگاه هنر یا عکاسی یا اینجور چیزا میخوندم موفق تر بودم تا اینکه زبان بخونم :/

اِنی وِی...  ثنکیو ;) 
13 Azar 98 ، 05:54 • عالیس •
Beautiful university
Beautiful autumn
And beautiful shots
thank you dear Alice :)

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