A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist


To Remind Myself

Thursday, 30 Aban 1398، 12:16 PM
My Desk

hesitating will waste your time, will kill you...


what cause me to delay my works??

Laptop ?

So be careful about using it :

1- Think(deep) about your main aim of using laptop and write it somewhere

2- Don't lose your awareness during using laptop =

    Don't do works what not belong to your plans & your aims . 

3- And define a limit time to use it


You know 

always there is too many problems;

in society, in family or in your own privet life

if you want to delay your important activities because of these 

finally you'll reach "nothing"

so try to ignore and skip these and just focus on your tasks

you should adjust yourself with every situation and never stop your attempt


My attempt to «only speak in English» finally had a result :)

This morning when i was asleep I dreamed in English :)

Have you ever dreamed with English language??

موافقین ۲ مخالفین ۰ 98/08/30
Ftme | فطمِ

time management

نظرات  (۷)

How long you speak only in English?
 it's about one week that I'm trying to speak English during the day
but I've been learning English for 2 years
01 Azar 98 ، 00:47 || میلاد || نمونه سوالات آیین نامه
Hi :D
hi :))
01 Azar 98 ، 10:13 Cloudia Star
I dreamed with English once or twice. They were about me meeting my favorite rock band back there. We spoke English in my dream.
such a fantastic dream :)))))))) good for you
I saw one of my teachers ( who I had class with him 2 years ago ) In my dream He and I were on a trip and was speaking in English :))
 You know,  I had crush on him that time :)))
01 Azar 98 ، 11:30 Cloudia Star
Aww I had one of these teachers too:))) he was like 30 yo, very tall with Greg Hair. I cuted him out of my life once he asked for a photo of me. I got really uncomfortable back then.
But know I still got his email and sometimes I think about talking to him again.
By the way, I LOVE your desk.
really? *_*
JOoOoOoOon BaBa
So I guess you are very pretty and attractive
because something like this almost happen for pretty girls :))))))

My desk love you, too, dear
01 Azar 98 ، 13:05 Cloudia Star
Hahahaha fuck this keyboard. I mean, look at my last comment mistakes!

I... I don't know. I really don't know. I don't consider myself as pretty, but I get called cute a lot. I guess I'm just normal. Thank you anyway. It made me smile^^

It was nice meeting you, desk!
gray hair is so attractive I think :))
I like men in these ages...:))) I don't know why :)))
your smile made me smile too
,Desk's owner is nice to meet you too
cloudia star
have nice Friday my dear
I hope the internet connect today :(
01 Azar 98 ، 14:06 Cloudia Star

You too sweetheart
Yep, let's hope(・∀・)

01 Azar 98 ، 15:28 ___ سلوچ
No not a dream.just once upon a time sth like poem inspired...
Huckleberry Finn 😍
Don't read mellate eshgh that's just wasting time
Oh my God !!!!
It took about 30 min to understand how can you know that I am reading Huckleberry finn book
And I was drafting a summary of Huckleberry finn in my blog's panel(it was not ready to publish) and I thought I published it intentionally
I didn't attention to that photo...hahaha
your precision and attention is admirable

anyway :)

I didn't read Mellate Eshgh , but it's about 1 year that this book is in my room 
last year I read some pages of that and it didn't attract me... 

and I don't like huckleberry finn too, but I forced to summarize it because of university assignments..

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