A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist

and here is one of her minimal kingdoms

A Minimalist


Looking for a way to escape from this shameful prison

Wednesday, 29 Aban 1398، 12:26 PM
These days All of us are feeling a real dictator government by our every single cells.

Before this events (price of petrol & disconnected internet ) I had never comprehended our misery this much

I'm a student of university

I'm completely confused and I don't know what should I do

when I can't amend this fucking holy regime

when I can't project my voice 

When our basic requirements ignore and suffocate by governors

When I can't migrate and I can't stay

When every thing is madly expensive even maybe I can't continue my education at Mofid university

let alone to find a job or have a car or bicycle or even graduating and migrating...

There is no hope here

And perhaps they want us to die

Is our only choice death?

I don't want believe this

I don't want this shameful life

I have to do something, If I believe in God.

But I don't know exactly what should I do...what can I do...

I must break this prison...

نظرات  (۶)

29 Aban 98 ، 12:40 Weißes Eule
Unfortunately there is no way...we have to endure this shit life
We have to fight for our goals... and at the end we never reach them

Such a hopeful comment
Thank U. 
Dear Fatemeh.
Everyday I ask myself why should I were born in this country, and there is no answer. I feel sorry for us. There are lots of us who are suffering by this situation, someday we'll gather together and that day there will be nothing to stop against us.
just we shouldn't lose our hope 
Well, you are perfectly right and I truly feel what you said. Except I can still find hope and believing in the possibility to attain almost anything even within this country. We may not be able to amend this country and that's the harsh truth to be told, but we can still save our own selves. I'm not just talking about some "ideals" and "dreams" which take place far from the reality. I raised and live inside this Qom city and saw some people who tried to leave this country (even though they did not have a perfect financial support) and now they are more satisfied with their lives as they were expected it to be. It was never easy what they did, and no one said it's going to be easy.
In short, I believe we should just stay strong in our path with a great will. cause the hope exists :)
btw, loved your blog, though u got only 2posts xD I can see a great potential in you, just keep up the good work u know ;)
 I know
emigrate from Iran to another country is really hard but
staying and living in this country is harder than leaving it 

and the only thing that keep us alive in these days is Hope
 I posted that music last year
and I came here today just because of disconnection from internet :)
but i decided to keep up writing in this blog
and your comment really made me happy ,I'm really glad that you liked my blog
it's good if you send your blog link too (if U have) C
I guess this connection issue bringing people together after-all xD
Noap I dont have any links. To be perfectly honest I was just hoping to find telegram proxies in the last updated blogs in blog.ir :D and found your blog among them.
well we all need to fill this leisure time somehow
if this shit continuous, maybe I even start my own blog xD
I think proxy is not useful for this situation 

I hope  you start your blog very soon whether this shit continue or not
30 Aban 98 ، 02:13 مهدی جانت!
فارسی صحبت کن بچه ببینیم چی میگه عه!
01 Azar 98 ، 14:18 گفت و چای
Never give up, many days ago my boss said to me, your situation will be better so don't worry about future, these days will be finish soon, very soon.
based on Iran's history it will never become better
But I hope what your boss said come true, 
just hope for my goals and trust in God keep me alive and give me motivation to continue my attempt 

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